Falla Park School Visits Site

13th July 2022

Walter Thompson had some very special visitors in June when the pupils of Falla Park Community School came to visit our site which is not too far from their School.

 The Year 5 class came to see our crane lifts in operation with our own Dave Stephenson giving them a crash course in how the machinery works along with the health and safety aspects of operating such a large and potentially dangerous machine. There was a Q&A session afterwards with our Project Manager, Paul Fenton.

The children were then tasked with creating their very own model crane with the knowledge they had learnt from their site visit. A few weeks later our site team visited School to see all the amazing models that the children had created and even had a little demonstration on how each crane operated. With a few helpful tweaks from our professional crane operator the crane was good to showcase at Beamish Museum in a county wide competition where it faired extremely well!

A massive thanks to Falla Park Community School for allowing us time with the children to showcase just a small part of what we do on site. We received some fantastic thank you cards from the pupils and have even created our very own scrap book full of pictures to remember the day.