Considerate Constructors Scheme Mascot, Ivor Goodsite popped into Howletch Lane Primary School in Peterlee recently and was enthusiastically welcomed by both the children and staff alike! Howletch Lane is just round the corner from the Peterlee Care Home site which is currently under development.

Ivor helped to educate the children on the dangers of building sites with a presentation alongside Nick Redpath from Northern Counties Safety Group. The presentation was all centred around site safety and sending out the clear message that construction sites are not safe places to play so children should respect site boundaries and stay away.

Ivor Goodsite generated considerable amusement in miming the answers to questions and displaying an example of correct site attire, finally offering a ‘high five’ to all the pupils as they departed the assembly hall.

As a follow up exercise the children were asked to prepare a painting depicting a visualisation of the Care Home. The paintings will be judged in two weeks’ time with the three top paintings to be professionally placed on the site hording. The student to be judged overall winner will have their painting framed and hung inside the completed Care Home for all to admire when in opens its doors early next Year.